sFont 1.0      

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Release Date:   2008-11-25

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

sFont is a simple and easy-to-use freeware Font Viewer. User interface is friendly and intuitive so you will be familiar with all its functions almost instantly.

sFont is developed to be as simple as it can be, because we think that Font Viewer is meant to be simple. There are no useless fancy options that can be very annoying and impractical.

sFont was designed to do basic things that one Font Viewer must do and nothing more than that.



  • View all your fonts in a form of text that you define.
  • This view is best choice if you want to see how would your text look like in different font, size and style.


  • View all font characters in convenient CharMap matrix.
  • This view is most useful to those who want to find a perfect font as fast as possible. You can enlarge each character to have a closer look at it and copy any character or set of characters to clipboard. If font have more then one Charset you can change it by right clicking on CharMep matrix and choose one from popup list.


  • View different sizes of a font on single page.
  • This view is recommended if you want to see different sizes of a font on one page. Simple sentence is copied in array of different sizes so you can choose the perfect one.


  • Add your favorite fonts in quick and easy favorites list.
  • If you have fonts that you use frequently simple add them to your favorites list and save a lot of time that you would spend searching for them later.

Custom Colors:

  • Change background and font colors for all views.
  • Changing colors have never be as easy as now. In top-right corner of screen you can find color boxes that represent text color, background color and in CharMap view enlarged character color. Just click on color that you want to change and choose any other. Changed color are automatically applied to all views.

Font Filter:

  • Filter the TrueType or Non TrueType fonts with one click!
  • If you want to work with TrueType fonts only just click on TrueType check box in bottom-left corner of the screen and thats it. It's simple jet useful.